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Turn monthly utility bills into compounding cash value.

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  • Help your clients turn Solar Power into CASH VALUE
  • How to structure a solar system to avoid costly "dealer fees"
  • Redirect and recapture significant monthly expenses with self financing
  • Get compensated (30% of commission) through our referral program
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Our customers love us

"I'm able to recapture my monthly electric bill and redirect that money back into my policy."

- Bobby Gonzalez (Denver, CO)

"I love that solar allows you to take control over an additional expense in your life"

- Richard Canfield (Practitioner)

"I love turning an unknown expense into a known expense... While adding energy independence and self reliance"

- Brandon Goswick (ULC)


Jimmie Jayes

Hey there! I'm Jimmie — and over the past 9 years I've been involved in the solar space. The first 6 years I was working in solar as a consultant. I was able to work with the owner of a solar company and help to take it from zero to $1.1 billion dollars in solar sales.

After joining the sales side of solar, I quickly realized how amazing solar can be for homeowners. I also learned some of the "solar secrets" that many solar installers and finance companies don't want you to know.

In this free training I'm going to show you the good and bad of the solar industry, and how your clients can make a one time decision and get recurring benefits from solar. Turning sun power into CASH VALUE... so they can invest more and live better.

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